Union must be independent

A trade union is a voluntary, democratic and independent organization. It is made up of workers; it is run by the workers; it exists to serve the workers. In Indonesia, where the ILO’s Convention No.87 is applied, workers enjoy the right to organize and manage their own unions. They are free control by government, or by employers. Provided they obey the laws, unions are free and independent to make their own decisions, to choose their own leaders and to represent the workers.

BUT, no union can remain independent, and act effectively for its members unless it is financially self-supporting. In other words, the money needed to operate the union must come from the workers. It mean, the union must use its own money to protect to workers and advance their interest.

Proper FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION is the way a union makes sure that its income, collected from the workers, is not lost, stolen, wasted or misused. So, please think of your union financial statement, it is enough to self-supporting of your union program and activities? How much is your union dues (iuaran anggota).

The role of union becomes wider and complex (oh course, costly as well-mahal maksudnya) strengthening your union financial independent mean that you strengthening your union.


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