Indonesia Unions calls Iranian Government to end its unacceptable repressive regime

Around 350 transport workers affiliated to International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) and members of Public Services International (PSI) and Education International (EI) held demonstration outside the Iranian Embassy in Jakarta today (July 9, 2010)

Hanafi Rustandi, President of the Kesatuan Pelaut Indonesia and ITF Coordinator in Indonesia, stated that this peaceful demonstration carried out four demands: (1) condemn Ahmadinejad’s repressive regime for executing Iranian trade union activists; (2) calling out to Ahmadinejad’s regime to implement universal democracy principles and respect human rights, political rights, the rights to associate and to live the Iranian people, namely the union activists, are entitled to; (3) urge Ahmadinejad’s regime to annul all accusations and free union, human rights and other pro-democracy activists from Iranian jails; (4) pressuring Iranian government to keep its commitment to free Mansour Osanloo, a trade union leader and free all the other 52 trade unionists imprisoned in the country due to their activities in defence of workers’ rights.

Indah Budiarti, PSI Asia Pacific Organising and Communication Coordinator, said to the media that Global Union Federations have formally complaint about this case to the International labour Organisation (ILO). She further said that respect of human rights and labour rights are important to uphold democracy and freedom of people in Iran. The unions have condemned the Iranian government saying it deeply regret over loss of life of the innocent trade unionists, yet stated solidarity to Iranian workers needed to pressure the government and calls of the Indonesia and international community to end its unacceptable repressive regime.

For more information, please contact: Sony Pattiselanno, Secretary of the KPI-EB (


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