SP PDAM Jakarta: Quality water services related to the quality of working conditions

Photo by Amrta Institute

Jakarta water union (SPPDAM) conducted two days strikes on April 25-26, 2011. For two days seconded employees working at Palyja (Suez’s subsidiary) undertook strikes in all Palyja’s regional offices, they refuse to work from 9 AM  to 5 PM. On day one employees at billing payment counter are still open the office but on the second day, workers shutting down all computers, park hundreds of operational cars and really give hard times to the private company having operated for 13 years in Jakarta. 

Union put banners to inform customers saying sorry for not able to work because Palyja do not pay them decent wage.

On day two, the union divided themselves into two groups, half continue the strike on their post and half use motorbikes and cars marching from union office to Sentral Senayan: Palyja’s head office situated in luxurious office lot. Around 300 union members gathered in Sentral Senayan and  after for about two hours asking Palyja’s officer to come down to meet with them, finally one commissionaire and the HRD manager came down and meet with them and asked them to talk at the head office. 10 representatives and one camera man participated at the meeting. Palyja said, they cannot increase the basic salary because they’re still in financial problem and need time to talk with PAM Jaya (the government-owned water company), they agreed to meet again on May 9, 2011.

Their demand is Palyja follow the PAM Jaya instruction, increasing 50% of basic salary because it hasn’t been increase since 2003. Mostly their basic wage is USD 140 for 25 – 32 years working period.

More photo, click here

Report by Nila Ardhianie, Director of Amrta Institute


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