Union and New Media – Popular Social Networking Sites

Why union should embrace social media? according to Alex White new social media is a very powerful thing. It allows unions to have intimate, personal conversations with hundreds, if not thousands members, potential members and supporters. Cheap, free and fast!  Social media allows your union for unmediated communication and dialogue across vast distances, and at any time of the day or night. Fast growing trends of unions using most popular social media such as facebook and twitter for their organising and campaign tools. However this tools must be used properly, if your union is going to start using social media, it must be prepared to invest time and (human) resources to do so properly said Alex White of his booklet Social Media For Unions.

I have prepared this presentation to share during PSI Communication Team training that was held on 27th June 2011 in PSI Head Office in Ferney-Voltaire, France. PSI actively using social media to advocate, campaign and share our work to affiliates. Three social media that PSI owned now I have helped to create : PSI Facebook page, PSI Twitter (@psiglobalunion) and PSI Unionbook and I am actively maintain and updating as part of the work of the communication team. Therefore, this presentation only covered three tools of the social media: facebook, twitter and unionbook. Facebook and twitter, indeed, are powerful tools but we should never forget that they are business, corporate oriented, they want profit and change the policy for security suit with their orientation and condition. They can shut down our account, ban unionists and so on. Therefore, we should aware and carefully when using this two  tools. But do not be afraid on actively using.  Though, corporate oriented but Facebook hosts thousands of politically-oriented groups including unions. I, myself, prefer unionbook. Though new and not popular yet but this networking is design for unionist and labour activists.  Unionbook allows you to interact with labour leaders, labour activists and unionists. Unionbook applications almost similar with facebook where you can create group, upload video – photo, file or music to share with your friends. Unionbook application also allows you to create blog that you can post your article or your writing. Unlike other social networking sites, UnionBook is advertising-free, respects your privacy, and is specifically designed to serve trade unionists. So, find me at unionbook and add me as your friend. You can also twit me at twitter @indahbudiarti

Why don’t your union using new media? Keeping in mind Indonesia geography, coordination and work of union can be made easier, cheaper and faster with internet compared by, for example, holding a face-to-face meeting in one town which surely costly. Please read my previous article on this blog “Indonesia: Union and The media

Enjoy and exploring the social networking site for your union organising and campaign. Herewith my presentation on Union and New Media – Popular Social Networking Sites, feel free to download and share, but do not forget to credit where you get this material. By exploring my presentation, who do not know the important using # (hash-tag) when you tweet, so you will understand what is # mean on twitter? or what is @ on twitter? what is RT (ReTweet)


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