Short story about me: driving the change

A short story wrote by Sandra Massiah, PSI Sub-regional Secretary for Carribean, during our communication course in PSI head office in Ferney-Voltaire, France on 27 June 2011. Driving the change was the title given for her short story about me that described my belief in equality and quality public service for all. Herewith below the story that I would like to share with you…

Driving the change

by Sandra Massiah,

With a strong belief in equality for all, Indah knows that with PSI she has the opportunity to make a positive change. Once a nurse and midwife, Indah Budiarti now works for Public Services International, promoting the value of public services and striving for social justice. Born in Sragen a small city in the island of central Java, Indah’s first job was as a nurse/midwife.

Having worked in private health care, Indah witnessed first-hand how the basic healthcare needs of her people were met only because of their ability to pay. She believes that many people in Indonesia seem to understand and have more faith in the private sector than in the public sector.

The experiences with IFIs and the current spate of globalisation have created a strong capitalist society in Indonesia. A society that seems to place material possessions above the lives of people. Indah wants to change all this. She is not too optimistic, but neither is she pessimistic. “We’re still struggling” she says. The people must be our focus. She believes that this strategy will drive the change.


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