My salary “never grown-up”

In solidarity with many of Indonesia workers who are now negotiating for 2012 provincial minimum wages, this cartoon below can be an illustration for the real situation regarding the workers salary competing with increasing inflation and the costs of basic needs. Their minimum wage is not enough, for example in Jakarta the Governor has agreed for IDR 1, 529,000 (USD 168.20) though this was after a heated debate between the Indonesia Employers Association (APINDO) and the workers/trade unions group, in which the employers proposed for IDR 1.41 million and the workers demanded for IDR 1.52 million. IDR 1.52 is the minimum rate and the proposed new minimum wage for Jakarta’s workers was only just enough to keep them alive but far from enough to provide a quality standard of living. Therefore, the workers and the unions keep on the struggle to achieve a living wage.


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