Integrating efforts, mobilising action: Public sector unions move forward for quality public services

thai qpsAround 100 trade union leaders members of Public Services International (PSI) in Asia and Pacific met for three-day regional forum on Quality Public Services in Bangkok, Thailand from 16 to 18 October 2013.

Achieving quality public services will not occur without dedicated struggle, therefore this forum brought together Regional Executive members, union leaders and PSI staff for the consultation process from diverse experience to find winning strategies and putting the plan into actions: influencing global policies – trade agreement and the impact on public services, tax justice campaign – ; defend and extend workers and trade union rights; fighting privatisation and corruption; organising and growth; end violence against women; a new youth consciousness; social protection floor, decent work and social protection for migrant workers in the public services.

As public sector unions, we know that we have very big challenges ahead: major shift of global economic power, cuts to public spending, attack on public sector workers for freedom of association and collective bargaining, changes in global and regional institution; precarious work, unemployment and effects on young people.

This regional forum given us a strong joint commitment in building a power and influence of public sector trade union in Asia and Pacific


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